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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vogue on Vogue

I was having a little hunt for an online archive of Vogue covers (does anyone know if and where that exists by the way, still haven't been able to find one!) when I stumbled up on this:

This quite ghostly image is every British Vogue cover from 2010 layered on itself to create one cover. 

Although every issue has been used and layered there seems to be a pretty clear outline of the models, one face does show though prominently and you can just about make out Kate Moss in the middle of it all. This pretty spooky picture does show that the magazine isn't particularly experimental with its covers but if the formula works, why change it! 

F x 

From Riches to Rags… and Back Again

Here is a little post that isn’t entirely Vogue related, but does stay within the theme of fashion. I want to talk about Lily Allen’s TV show Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags, a miniseries that finished last night. The show followed the ball gown wearing singer of the past opening a clothes shop called Lucy in Disguise, a sly Beatles reference that I loved! The store is attempting to make vintage couture pieces accessible to every girl through a rental system, I loved the idea even if Mary Portas didn’t seem so keen!

The three part series followed the Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen as they began gathering the pieces, hunted for a location and struggled with the money side of the real world, as well as covering the personal problems the girls (read Lily) faced over the year.

However, it is not simply the concept behind the new show or shop I want to talk about, but a revelation that came out during the show: Lily’s bulimia. During one of the intimate little chats on the show Lily revealed that during the peak of her skinniness she used to make herself sick after every meal. The reason this bothered me so much isn’t because I was shocked, I am sure this is a lot more common that we think, but because the singer generated such a buzz around her new figure at the time, putting its success entirely down to hypnotherapy. Now, at the time I wasn’t buying the hippy excuse but I would have at least expected her to say something along the lines of “I worked bloody hard in the gym” seeing as everyone loves her for being as outspoken as she is.

Now I don’t want this to be misread as me attacking someone with an eating disorder, this is not an attack on Lily, more an attack on the industry as a whole. Taking into account that the singer was hardly large when she first hit the public eye, it disappoints me that she was pushed to a point as extreme as bulimia. She is not the only celebrity that is treated this way, at the moment the most obvious example of this bizarre treatment of a “normal” figure is Christina Hendricks. The Mad Men star is celebrated for being womanly and the object of many a man’s desire but you can guarantee that pretty much every interview with her begins with a question somewhere along the lines of “so how does it feel to be representing the ‘real women’ of the world?”, which should be read “you’re fatter than most famous ladies, how is that for you?”

I am glad that Christina is showing no signs of changing for any skinny interviewers and good for Lily for being honest about an issue that has hopefully only haunted her past not her present. If you ask me the world of celebrity has a lot to answer for when young starts are turning to eating disorders to achieve the image that the world expects from them. True this isn’t a new or unique point of view but hopefully if enough people share it that horrid need to conform to a size 0 will be gone forever!

And breathe, rant over! I am planning a wee trip to Covent Garden at the weekend to check the store out for myself as, despite the ups and downs, the shop was, predictably, a huge success and even Mary Portas was on the girls’ side by the end!

F x

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Delays, delays, delays

I have been a rubbish Blogtor of late, the delayed April Issue is very much on its way but until I actually post it here are two photos featuring my favourite bags, by my favourite label and modelled by my two favourite blunt bobbed models.

The entire Mulberry campaign, photographed by Tim Walker, is magnificent but the photos below featuring Nimue Smit and Lindsey Wixon are my favourites (and 100% relevant because they are splashed all over this month's Vogue!)

The April Issue is hot on the tails of this post!

F x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress

The awards season has been wrapped up now, there were the winners and the losers but more importantly there were the dresses.
I have taken it upon myself to choose a favourite look. This was a bit of a tough task because Natalie Portman looked perfect throughout, often staying true to Rodarte. But let's face it, she is winning at life right now so I am not sure she needs the prestigious A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress (they will be calling it the AVIA- FAUFD in no time).

So, without further ado, here are my nominees... drum roll please:

Emma Stone, in a gorgeous bold red Lanvin gown at the BAFTAs

The always impeccably glamorous Anne Hathaway dazzles in a scooped back Armani Prive dress at the Golden Globes 

Still at the Golden Globes Eva Longoria played it safe in black, was saved by the fishtail detail on the Zac Posen gown

Then we get to the big award ceremony, The Oscars, when all our favourite actresses pulled out their show stoppers. 
Michelle Williams' choice of dress didn't shock me but it's her constantly prefect dress choices, displayed perfectly though the simple, beaded Chanel gown she chose for The Oscars that made me consider her

People were undecided about Cate Blanchett's Givenchy Haut Couture gown, but I think she took a risk and totally pulled it off. Hats off to you Ms. Blanchett!

I am not entirely sure why Florence Welsh of 'The Machine' fame was at The Oscars, but boy did she look stunning in her pale yellow Valentino Dress

My final nomination is Mila Kunis. A lilac dress often runs the risk of being more bridesmaid-chic, than Oscar-glam but Mila has 100% nailed it with this Elie Saab dress and has very much put her stamp on the Hollywood Style Scene

Now for the announcement you have all been dying to hear.
The winner of the first ever A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress is:
The actress is new to the Awards Ceremony club but is managing to fit in perfectly and hasn't turned up to an awards ceremony looking anything short of marvellous!

Here is another picture of her looking wonderful in the Lanvin gown that got her the prize, along side the dress on the Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 runway. One word: Fierce! 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the dresses that made up the first annual 'A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress,' as much as I have! 

Big Love,
F x

PS. April's Vogue is here, new post soon Kate Winslet is on the cover looking MAGNIFICENT