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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress

The awards season has been wrapped up now, there were the winners and the losers but more importantly there were the dresses.
I have taken it upon myself to choose a favourite look. This was a bit of a tough task because Natalie Portman looked perfect throughout, often staying true to Rodarte. But let's face it, she is winning at life right now so I am not sure she needs the prestigious A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress (they will be calling it the AVIA- FAUFD in no time).

So, without further ado, here are my nominees... drum roll please:

Emma Stone, in a gorgeous bold red Lanvin gown at the BAFTAs

The always impeccably glamorous Anne Hathaway dazzles in a scooped back Armani Prive dress at the Golden Globes 

Still at the Golden Globes Eva Longoria played it safe in black, was saved by the fishtail detail on the Zac Posen gown

Then we get to the big award ceremony, The Oscars, when all our favourite actresses pulled out their show stoppers. 
Michelle Williams' choice of dress didn't shock me but it's her constantly prefect dress choices, displayed perfectly though the simple, beaded Chanel gown she chose for The Oscars that made me consider her

People were undecided about Cate Blanchett's Givenchy Haut Couture gown, but I think she took a risk and totally pulled it off. Hats off to you Ms. Blanchett!

I am not entirely sure why Florence Welsh of 'The Machine' fame was at The Oscars, but boy did she look stunning in her pale yellow Valentino Dress

My final nomination is Mila Kunis. A lilac dress often runs the risk of being more bridesmaid-chic, than Oscar-glam but Mila has 100% nailed it with this Elie Saab dress and has very much put her stamp on the Hollywood Style Scene

Now for the announcement you have all been dying to hear.
The winner of the first ever A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress is:
The actress is new to the Awards Ceremony club but is managing to fit in perfectly and hasn't turned up to an awards ceremony looking anything short of marvellous!

Here is another picture of her looking wonderful in the Lanvin gown that got her the prize, along side the dress on the Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 runway. One word: Fierce! 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the dresses that made up the first annual 'A Vogue Idea Award for an Utterly Fabulous Dress,' as much as I have! 

Big Love,
F x

PS. April's Vogue is here, new post soon Kate Winslet is on the cover looking MAGNIFICENT 

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