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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Weekly Wishes

Here I am again.

Usually I would scream "NO!" at the sight of a back pack and slowly shy away from it. However, as I am off on some merry travels in a couple of weeks I have been advised by many a party that a back pack is going to be the only sensible way forward for me. This got me thinking, surely I can have one without looking like an awkward exchange student circa 2003. Then I found this ASOS bad boy and it was snapped up quicker than you can say "Savvy traveller." At £28, I would say it was a pretty good buy!

The other thing I am lusting over this week is far less practical, the super sized coffee table book Kate Moss by Mario Testino. This book is on the book shelf of every fashionista worth their salt, however at £44.99 I am not quite sure I can justify it for the time being. Next month perhaps!

Happy shopping and let me know if there are any little beauts that catch your eye this week.
F x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Weekly Wishes

Good day, this little set of wishes come early because I am meant to be revising, but I am actually doing ANYTHING I can to avoid it.
First things first, at the moment I am in love with Storm in a Teacup Vintage Jewellery, it is just gorgeous.The collection is very Urban Outfitters-esque, but the fact that each piece handmade makes it so much more unique and, subsequently, desirable. Trying to whittle my favourite piece down from all of them to just the one was nearly impossible but I have settled on the 'Got the Blues Vintage Necklace' (£14.50).

However the 'Amelie Necklace' (£13) in gold or silver and the super versitile 'Emma Multi-Way Tie' (17.50) are both pretty high up on my shopping list too.

Now for a far more unrealistic realm, I would like a London cab please. Not just any old black cab... one designed by Christopher Kane. How amazing is that! Kane was given a fleet of cabs to make over and he has designed them with his iconic galaxy print. If I see one when I am out and about in London Town, I will be hailing it for sure! If only for a photo opportunity and a wee trip around the corner.

Hope you are having a brilliant week, 
F x

Monday, 23 May 2011

Weekly Wishes

Dedicated and very much back! Here I am again with another edition of my Weekly Wishes. This week all I can think about is what I am going to don for my Graduation Ball. Yes, its not until July but I am considering my dresses now and feel obliged to share it here. Reluctantly ruling out the cracker of a dress worn by Ukraine's Eurovision contestant this year, I have moved on and realised that feather-clawed shoulders are not the direction I should be looking in.

Instead I have narrowed my hunt down to one of these three:

French Connection - Anna Lace Dress (£110)
This beaut comes in royal blue, red and turquoise. I absolutely love it but I am a bit worried it is not "ball" enough, being lace with its fairly high seam.

River Island - Gold Frill Shoulder Maxi (£69.99)
I adore this dress, and the length and colour make it seem much more ball appropriate, but given that it is a River Island Dress I worry that I'd roll up to the bash and see seven other girls in the same dress. Unlikely, but possible.

Jasmine Guinness - Marble Print Silk Maxi (£62)
This dress is a favourite because it has the maxi glamour but is not from a High Street hot spot... plus I have a £30 off voucher for Very, which makes it an appealing choice! 

Decisions, decisions! I'll let you know what I eventually decide on. 
F x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Retrospective: Star Signs

British Vogue: December 2010

Retrospectives are back! This time with Vogue favourite Tim Gutt's ‘Star Sign’ shoot.

This incredibly clean shoot showcases breathtaking set designs by Shona Heath that revolve fully around the astrological theme, but the elegance of the pieces keeps the focus entirely on the clothes. I love Gemini’s Stella McCartney dress and think that Virgo’s galaxy print halter neck dress that made a name for Christopher Kane fits the theme far too perfectly.

Do you think Tim Gutt’s interpretation represents you and your star sign well?

F x

Weekly Wishes

I am back again! If you are a regular visitor to my humble little blog (who ever you may be, Ithankyou) you might have thought I had forgotten it even exists. Evidently I have not, I have just been stuck somewhere between exams and a hard place. However, as the light at the end of the tunnel is getting slowly closer, I am crawling back to this happy little place for my words and pictures, with some words and pictures about the things I quite fancy this week in the form of my Weekly Wishes.

My demands are not high this week, for the time being I am living the life of a humble lass. So, to please me all I really want is this Accessorize "Flower crown hair bando", a title I will be replacing with "my summer daisy chain of joy."  I am fairly certain that I could go out head-to-toe in black, pop this on and radiate summer. Something I will be trying out when it is snapped up and at £6, it sure will be!

My other little wish is Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat. I heart doing my nails, so with this I can do them a wee bit differently without shelling out salon prices. Dreamy. I might go crazy and pop a photo up when I have acquired a pot and taken it for a test run. The fingers so proudly displayed here aren't my own, just here to give you an idea of the fun that can be had with the polish, its a bit velvety, no?

And finally, if you haven't already seen it, it is very important you check out the new Topshop Shanghai collection...and want it all. I might just make it my entire summer wardrobe this year. Shanghai and floral garlands, I can see no way it can fail.

I have the June Vogue sat beside me, with Alexa Chung looking up, begging to be blogged about, so that will happen this week. Promise.

Have a magnificent week,
F x