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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Weekly Wishes

Here I am again.

Usually I would scream "NO!" at the sight of a back pack and slowly shy away from it. However, as I am off on some merry travels in a couple of weeks I have been advised by many a party that a back pack is going to be the only sensible way forward for me. This got me thinking, surely I can have one without looking like an awkward exchange student circa 2003. Then I found this ASOS bad boy and it was snapped up quicker than you can say "Savvy traveller." At £28, I would say it was a pretty good buy!

The other thing I am lusting over this week is far less practical, the super sized coffee table book Kate Moss by Mario Testino. This book is on the book shelf of every fashionista worth their salt, however at £44.99 I am not quite sure I can justify it for the time being. Next month perhaps!

Happy shopping and let me know if there are any little beauts that catch your eye this week.
F x

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