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Monday, 23 May 2011

Weekly Wishes

Dedicated and very much back! Here I am again with another edition of my Weekly Wishes. This week all I can think about is what I am going to don for my Graduation Ball. Yes, its not until July but I am considering my dresses now and feel obliged to share it here. Reluctantly ruling out the cracker of a dress worn by Ukraine's Eurovision contestant this year, I have moved on and realised that feather-clawed shoulders are not the direction I should be looking in.

Instead I have narrowed my hunt down to one of these three:

French Connection - Anna Lace Dress (£110)
This beaut comes in royal blue, red and turquoise. I absolutely love it but I am a bit worried it is not "ball" enough, being lace with its fairly high seam.

River Island - Gold Frill Shoulder Maxi (£69.99)
I adore this dress, and the length and colour make it seem much more ball appropriate, but given that it is a River Island Dress I worry that I'd roll up to the bash and see seven other girls in the same dress. Unlikely, but possible.

Jasmine Guinness - Marble Print Silk Maxi (£62)
This dress is a favourite because it has the maxi glamour but is not from a High Street hot spot... plus I have a £30 off voucher for Very, which makes it an appealing choice! 

Decisions, decisions! I'll let you know what I eventually decide on. 
F x

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