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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Weekly Wishes

Good day, this little set of wishes come early because I am meant to be revising, but I am actually doing ANYTHING I can to avoid it.
First things first, at the moment I am in love with Storm in a Teacup Vintage Jewellery, it is just gorgeous.The collection is very Urban Outfitters-esque, but the fact that each piece handmade makes it so much more unique and, subsequently, desirable. Trying to whittle my favourite piece down from all of them to just the one was nearly impossible but I have settled on the 'Got the Blues Vintage Necklace' (£14.50).

However the 'Amelie Necklace' (£13) in gold or silver and the super versitile 'Emma Multi-Way Tie' (17.50) are both pretty high up on my shopping list too.

Now for a far more unrealistic realm, I would like a London cab please. Not just any old black cab... one designed by Christopher Kane. How amazing is that! Kane was given a fleet of cabs to make over and he has designed them with his iconic galaxy print. If I see one when I am out and about in London Town, I will be hailing it for sure! If only for a photo opportunity and a wee trip around the corner.

Hope you are having a brilliant week, 
F x

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