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Saturday, 4 June 2011

The June Issue

First things first: My apologies! The June Issue’s post is super late but in my defence I have been drowning in my finals for the last month, but now I am free with very little but A Vogue Idea on my plate, expect posts a plenty!

After the covers Vogue has given us so far this year:

Alexa Chung’s June cover was like a breath of fresh air, or a summer breeze, which immediately made me think that this was going to be a far more relaxed Vogue after the super-glamorous editions we have enjoyed so far this year. The model come presenter’s cover draws you straight into her eyes, with the vast majority of the shot not even in focus.

As always, I started off with a quick flick through and the entire issue seemed to be a shrine to all things summer, be it sand, sea or sunglasses.  Given that when I was reading this there was beaming sunshine every day and I was stuck in the library this was the perfect little taste of summer to get me geared up for the sunshine to come!

This month in the ‘New Wave’ feature Vogue Spy kindly rounded up the best of everything that we will need for our summer holidays, from the obligatory swimsuits to the slightly more daring swimming caps! A gorgeous Urban Outfitters swimsuit caught my eye as did the giraffe emblazoned Ralph Lauren towel, the entire feature made me lust after the sea. The feature was vastly pictures of the hottest beach looks but the magazine did turn to Jennifer Missoni for a beach guide. Not surprisingly the majority of her tips led us back to Missoni, however she did say that she has a “strict no-heels-at-the-beach-rule” which was a comfort as it confirmed that the beach is somewhere where we all get to enjoy our Havaianas, even fashion’s VIPs.  The feature also included a snippet that pushed Selfridges’ Project Ocean. Until 12th the iconic Oxford St store has converted into an aquarium and joined with over 20 environmental groups to raise funds and awareness for over fishing. In typical Selfridges style they have seen that the best way to do this is though fashion, they have got the famously outspoken Katharine Hamnett to design t-shirts, totes and towels to raise pennies for the cause.  


The most summer ready shoot in the issue is the ‘Heat Wave’ feature, shot by Josh Olins. The citrus shades, bold prints and fifties kitsch cuts screamed summer time and left me lusting after the model’s bronzed glow. Shot in Miami the model Raquel Zimmerman looked as at home on the beach in a DKNY asymmetric swimsuit as she did reclined on garden furniture in a D&G cherry print two piece.

And then there was the story I was waiting for from the moment I saw the cover, the Alexa Chung feature. The archetypal girl-next-door that managed to bag an Arctic Monkey is one of my favourite models and I know she is a big favourite amongst most of my friends, especially Steph who idolises her. The feature looks at her style, but let’s face it, is there anything she can’t wear, and asks “What is next for Alexa Chung.” The model-come-presenter dragged interviewer Christa D’Souza horse riding for their interview. During the interview she rates Twitter, got D’Souza to take pictures of her on her horse and shows off her best Sheffield accent, all adding to the image that she might just be the most normal person in the public eye, despite being one of the most beautiful. The feature comments on the fact that everything she puts her name to (hello Mulberry’s Alexa) or anything she is seen in (oh hello again, Barbour jackets, Hunter wellies and Breton tees) all sell out in a flash. She seems, at least for now, unstoppable. Plus, she has Karl Lagerfeld thinks the world of her, who can fail when he is on their team?

So what is next for Ms. Chung? She has a Madewell collection on the go and another in the pipe line, has just filmed a top-secret TV pilot and she is carrying on as the face of various fashion lines. With all of that on her plate she is a very busy girl! The feature looks at every aspect of her life, from her relationship, her childhood and her hate for all things sexy, the feature gets to the crux of the Chung appeal and confirms what we’d all been thinking, she’ll be sticking about for a while yet!

Now I am going to get cracking on the July issue and I promise that issue’s post will be up before the August one lands on my door step!
F x

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