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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The September Issue

So here it is, The September Issue. The big one!

As the fashion world gets ready for the frenzy of fashion weeks ahead, this issue is a guaranteed way to get you ready for a new season's fashion.

What better way for us to prepare than with Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse (what a name!) shot on the cobbles of Antwerp by Mario Testino, in their 'Master Class' editorial. The unusually dark shoot is almost completely monochrome and has a very clerical feel.

Vogue and Testino have excelled themselves, a melancholic and gloomy shoot that still forces the garments to scream out as covetable is no mean feat. Just look at that Givenchy set.

However, this issue wasn't only made up of Freja Beha Erichsen and doom & gloom, although the vast majority of the clothes featured were monochrome. There is confirmation for me that the cape is sticking around for another season, (I knew it was wise, not frivolous, to invest in two last winter!) and a piece encouraging us to turn our back on the wild and look to the exotic, with skins as the pattern of the winter. That is news that the Kardashians probably won't take well...

However, the main talking point of the issue was a piece by Charlotte Sinclair, one that looks at 'The Turbulent Life of John Galliano'. The ups and downs of Galliano's year aren't something I need to go into right now, they have been much discussed by everyone (but for the record, it disgusted me). I think it was bold for Vogue to do a feature on him at the moment, however after Kate Moss had him design her wedding dress and now that Natalie Portman is modelling for Dior again, perhaps there is no better time for Vogue to look for the man behind the rumours. 

The feature doesn't dispute or dispel any of the stories about Galliano, but looks at his story, starting with his family life and speaks to the people closest to him, to build him into a person not a media creation. However, more importantly, the piece focuses on the amazing creations he designed at Dior, focusing in on his magnificent dresses that were truly made for living fairy tales. 

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What did you think about the September Issue?
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