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Monday, 31 January 2011

Slight change of plan!

So, it has come to my attention that, at the rate I chat along, I can't review a whole issue of Vogue! 
I seem have something to say about each of the features and at the rate I am going each post will be 500 words long and INCREDIBLY DULL! 
New plan: I am going to pick around 5 features in the magazine, always with the "main event" included, and natter about them. There is almost always a theme running through the issue, in February it seems to be simplicity and basics, which is also reflected in the "stripped back" Victoria Beckham issue. This way the blog will still flow but I will not be burdened with writing a monthly essay, but will enjoy writing my blog! 
The February post is 99.99% done and the March Issue will be arriving any day now so I am about to get very post happy! 

Happy reading, if you're reading! 

F x

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