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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Vague Idea

New Year
New Blog
New Resolutions
Same Favourite Magazine: Vogue.

The idea? A vague one, a Vogue one!
Every month I will go through the new edition of British Vogue that lands on my door step and post my thoughts and feelings on this blog. I will post my ponderings as quickly as I can after the magazine is published, none will be as late as the yet to arrive February edition!

I wouldn’t consider myself particularly “Vogue”, I certainly don’t have the budget for the £235 Pedro Garcia espadrilles that I am being encouraged to snap up in the February issue’s ‘More Dash Than Cash’, I hardly have the budget for a monthly cover of Vogue (luckily I was treated to a subscription for my birthday). Regardless, I love the magazine. 

If I am being honest, I love magazines in general but Vogue has an unmatched regality and relevance that keeps me coming back, month after month. Which will allow me to post here, month after month! 

F x

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