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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Retrospective: Drew Barrymore

The Beauty and the Beast: April 2005

"Only after she kissed him did he turn back into the handsome prince he was... released at last from the spell of the wicked fairy"

This is my first post that takes images from American Vogue, however when I came across this portfolio of pictures by Annie Leibovitz I could not resist posting them, they are simply stunning! 

Annie Leibovitz has managed to create photos that have turned, the already stunning, Drew Barrymore into a portrait painting! I think it is the deep reds, the renaissance dresses and the fairy tale story that runs though each picture that makes them such beautiful images. 

I am not sure if you will be able to see the photos in a large enough format to see that on each page Vogue have narrated the fairy tale that Drew Barrymore is posing for in each picture, a fabulous touch that really ties the entire feature together! 

These pictures are just striking and the Beauty and the Beast storyline sets the entire feature off, creating not just another fashion shoot, but a beautiful story.

Enjoy! I really think this might be one of my favourite Vogue shoots of all time, and the roses in most of the photos make this the perfect Valentines post and message!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

F x

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