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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Retrospective: Sienna Miller

The Glamour Issue: December 2007

"I'm 25. I’m having a brilliant time. I like to party and I love to work"

Ahh, the December Vogue, the Christmas Vogue, a sparkly, glittery, glamorous Vogue. We were treated to glitter and sparkle galore in the 2007 edition, with Sienna on the cover. 

I love Sienna's editorial in this issue, she is oozing class and old school charm and the sliver colour scheme ties everything in perfectly. 

In the interview she talks about her partying reputation, her love for everything homely and her famous friends.  Given that it was written in 2007, it’s all a bit out of date now but we can all still enjoy Nick Knight’s wonderful photos.

I love them all, they are oh-so glamorous, thanks to the car and pin up theme, which is brought to life with feather boas, dresses that seem to go on forever and six-inch heels. This is all true apart from one photo, the fourth photo, it sticks out like a sore thumb! She is in a studded blazer and biker hat, why!? I don't like the outfit and I think it would have fitted in with a more modern themed shoot, it’s just not glam enough for me here!

Rant over! I can’t end on a negative note, so enjoy these beautiful photos of one of my favourite girls in the public eye, a girl that could make scrunchies, spandex and a sock-sandal combo look like they are on the 2011 Autumn/Winter runways.

As ever enjoy the photos!

F x

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  1. ditto the third photo seems to have been added like an afterthought. i love sienna!