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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Retrospective: Kate Moss

Kate Moss and Me: August 2010

"You get to see our relationship, where it's not about the magazine, or the editorial. It's about us." Mario Testino on Kate Moss

How I got to six-months-in without a Kate Moss Retrospective is beyond me, but here it is!

I was flicking though back copies of Vogue for some Retrospective inspiration and I stumbled upon this Kate Moss feature from the August 2010 issue. Slightly differently to usual, these photos are actually Mario Testino images that the magazine asked him to submit to celebrate 20 years of their friendship and the book he published to mark it.

The photographer hand picked five very intimate images of the model, whether they are set up or off-the-cuff, clothed or nude, new or old, they all demonstrate the fact that this relationship is closer than that between your usual photographer and his model.

I hope you enjoy this little insight to one of fashion's greatest friendships.
F x

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