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Friday, 1 April 2011

The April Issue

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, no one has ever advised me to not judge a magazine by its cover and thanks to a stunning Kate Winslet as the April Issue’s cover girl, judge I will.

In her first interview since the end of her relationship with Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet seems very focused on fresh starts: a new body, a new hair cut and a wonderful new style, all displayed beautifully through Mario Testino's ever perfect photos.

The theme of “all things new” was extended to the portfolios of 25 members of “Fashion’s new generation”. This editorial features 25 models, designers and photographers that Vogue has identified as the faces to watch over the next few years.

Here are the three that caught my eye:
Thomas Tait: As one of the youngest designers to complete the notoriously tough Fashion MA at St Martin’s at 22 and then scooping the Dorchester Prize there is no doubt we will see brilliant things from this highly tailored designer.
Rhea Thierstein: The set designer is fast becoming known for creating the most magic of worlds and her hard work has paid off with a Selfridges window display and a feature in the April issue of Vogue.
Alex Turvey: A Jack of every trade has settled on directing and has managed to build up an impressively high profile portfolio that has landed him a spot at the prestigious Parisian film agency Les Télécréateurs.


The fact that the magazine was published in the wake of the fashion week season adds to the very fresh feel of the spread. With a very summery feel the colours and shapes stood out beautifully in the pool party shoot. The patent yellows and clashing pink bikinis with red sunglasses can only be successfully carried off beside a swimming pool. Like many readers I was left lusting after some Miami sunshine when looking out the window to grey, dreary London. My favourite photo was in keeping with the clashing theme. The model – Lindsey Wixson – is lying on a bright yellow lilo, with a metallic leather Miu Miu dress that almost looks pleather and bouganvilla flowers in her hair. Now, aside from the fact that bouganvilla are some of my favourite flowers, thank you happy childhood times, I love this photo because on paper it sounds horrific but the simple make up, sunshine and flowers complete the photo and left me lusting for summer.

Fashion’s new favourite double act has also been given a spot in this month’s issue. Laura and Kate Mulleavy, better known as the creative powers behind Rodarte, have come up with some of the most beautiful yet intense designs to have been shown in recent seasons. The editorial enters their LA world and charts the progress of their ever evolving designs. One of my favourite things about the sisters’ designs is the fact that a story can always be told though their runway shows, their Wizard of Oz Autumn/Winter 2011 extravaganza is a case in point. For this very reason I was almost jumping for joy when I read that Laura would cite James Joyce as her favourite author. True this is treading the line of the extremely pretentious but for me the reason perfectly sums up the label, a label that is quickly becoming one of my favourites, “I’m not going to make a simple dress. Our clothes are not straightforward, I don’t think things need to be straight forward.” Well, with Natalie Portman as a diehard devotee after their success designing for Black Swan, I don’t see their complex success storm slowing down any time soon. 


I want to leave you with some words of wisdom that frame the current Kurt Geiger ad campaign: "Women turn into birds of paradise at night..." Thank you Kurt! 

F x

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