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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day

In celebration of all things 'mum' and because I can’t be with my Mummy on Mother’s Day I am dedicating a post to the most important women in the world, our Mums but more specifically, my Mum!

Vogue has kindly compiled the 50 most glamorous covers that have been graced by mothers. I have whittled 50 down to my favourite five and here they are:

A new mum to be, Natalie Portman on the October 2005 cover

A very topical, but sadly absent mum, Princess Diana on the July 1994 cover  

A mother of two and, to many, the mother of all supermodels, Twiggy on the October 1967 cover

Ballerina and mother of three Anya Linden was the April 1964 cover girl. The bold print photographed by David Bailey was a favourite of my friend Millie, and I am inclined to agree

And finally, the mother of all Vogue cover girls, Kate Moss, has graced the cover of Vogue no less than 30 times and will be celebrating Mother’s Day today her daughter Lila. With so many covers to choose from it was a bit of a struggle but I settled on a regal themed cover from December 2001

Last, but not least, a little fromage to end a rather camembert post!

Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

F x

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