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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Retrospective: Angela Lindvall

Viva Cuba: June 2010

"Sultry Havana is the ideal backdrop for a season of impassioned style."

Tom Craig has shot the perfect Havana story, featuring Angela Lindvall as the American girl falling head-over-heels with Cuba. Bright coloured clothes set against muted backdrops tell the story of one girl's trip of a life time and leave the rest of us lusting after the Chloe silk cape and an island get away.
The only fault I can pick is that I as left waning more than the five looks pictured, luckily the whole trip was caught on film and can be found on vogue.com Watching the video I almost felt like I was in Havana too, with the colours, prefect beaches and infectious music, pity I'm not eh!

Caution: This will leave you with a Vitamin D deficiency!

F x

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