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Monday, 18 April 2011

Weekly Wishes

Here is a new feature on the blog, my "Weekly Wishes." Simply because apparently I just cannot get enough of this blogging malarkey and I am meant to be studying for my finals so trawling the internet for things I want and publishing them on my blog seems much more fun than writing about literature in post revolutionary Mexico. 

Every Monday I will pop up a few pictures, maybe even a few links if I am feeling particularly tech savvy that day, to the little bits and bobs that I am lusting after, things that would be able to brighten up my week if I lived in a dream world and they could be mine! It is important to point out that there is no way I can control my desires here so one week it might be a pair of £2,000 Alexander McQueen sandals or a £25 Topshop blouse the next, or I might juts go crazy and do both.

Here it goes...

The Marc Jacobs Henry Icon WatchI have had my eye on this little number for a wee while, the little colourful  icons in the face make what could be very standard watch a Marc Jacobs master piece! I also LOVE it in gold too, seeing as I am going through a slightly chav-tastic phase at the moment and loving gold jewellery but it seems to be sold out everywhere, so sad. 

Secondly, I am very into peter pan collars at the moment and although I have already invested far too many of my loaned pounds into this little collar based craze, it is not stopping me from wanting this monochrome number from ASOS for £20. Tuck it into a pair of chinos and I'm off! 

I am off to do an ASOS order! 
F x

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