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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kate Middleton - A Little Tribute

Love it or hate it tomorrow is the wedding we've all been waiting for since it was announced in November. Whether you are boycotting it, throwing a party in its honour or camping outside Westminster Abbey there is no avoiding the fact that it is happening.

I for one am very excited, I've never considered myself a royalist but I have 100% got wedding fever for this one and cannot wait for a minute til 11 tomorrow to see that dress!

I have decided to put together a few pictures of the princess-to-be that has hardly put a Russell and Bromley clad foot wrong since coming to the world's attention.

I will post a picture of the dress we've all been waiting for tomorrow but enjoy these photos in the meantime. After that I will have to find something new to talk about here, but so will all of the media so I'm not panicking!
F x

In an Issa dress announcing her engagement to her Prince Charming.

Ready to flip pancakes in the Burberry trench coat that sent everyone into a trench-buying frenzy. 

Even managing to look impeccable dressed down. And her hair, oh the hair. I'd give my right arm for that hair!

The see though dress she wore in a St. Andrews fashion show. I would imagine she hates this dress and the fact that the photo will follow her around forever!

Working a fascinator like nobody else can at the wedding of Laura Parker-Bowles.

And finally, our last glimpse of Kate Middleton before she becomes Princess Catherine tomorrow. Looking calm, collected and summery as she went into the rehearsal in Westminster Abbey today. 

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