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Sunday, 14 August 2011

The August Issue

'New Beginnings' they promised us and new beginnings they gave us. There is a sense of a fresh start throughout the August issue, not only with Kate Moss the new Mrs Hince, but through the seasonal wardrobe change we start to see every year around now (I am sure I am not alone in noticing the jumpers creeping into shops, I for one am not ready to let go of summer quite yet!)and there is even a piece of Jemima Khan conquering her fears, now if that's not a clean slate what is?

Let's begin with our newly married flagship supermodel. Kate Moss has remained one of the most desirable women in the world, despite a couple of bumps along the way and I am pretty sure we all rejoiced a little bit when we saw her looking so genuinely happy at her three day wedding-come-festival to Jamie Hince. Along with introducing the world to a married Kate Moss, Vogue has simultaneously drawn our attention to the silhouette of the season: "Simple yet utterly impactful."

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Moss oozes glamour in the feature, confirmation that fashion is now looking beyond the Mad Men of the fifties but to the forties and Wallis Simpson for their by-gone inspiration. Fittingly Moss has been photographed by close friend Mario Testino and the staple war era look of loose curls, red lips and wasp waists have been ushered into 2011 with bold bangles, pieirot necklines and fur detail. The write up insists that instead of looking to festival-glam for your summer looks, this year we need to amp up our glamour - slightly ironic seeing as we all know that Kate Moss has been hitting the festival trail with her usual force!

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Continuing on the vein of new beginnings and fresh starts, the August 'View Point' belongs to Jemima Khan. The model opened up to Vogue about her fear of flying, a phobia that has now been tackled. The editorial surprised me, not only because we live in a modern world, where flying seems to be the norm, but because Jemima Khan is a celebrity... aren't they always jetting around the world? Khan explained that her fear began long before she found fame and every journey she makes by air is a struggle, only made worse when she was on board during an attempted hijack, that must be enough to put anyone off. The feature was refreshing because it showed a humane side to a celebrity and left us with a sense of resolve seeing her conquer her fear.

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Now to tackle the September issue! 
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