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Friday, 5 August 2011

Who Dressed Well This Week? Cat Deeley

Oh Cat Deeley! You that started off on SM:TV live and are now a mega TV personality in the States, well done you! However, as well as being particularly good at presenting  TV shows, Ms Deeley is fast becoming known for her fashion choices.

On Tuesday Cat was on The Late Show With David Letterman and arrived looking very chic in this metallic number. Metallics are set to be a huge trend this winter, so Cat is ahead of the game on this one. I am not yet sure who the dress is by, but if I find that out I will be sure to up date!

Photo source here 

However, there is another contender this week. A certain Mila Kunis is still pulling out every stop on her press tour for Friends With Benefits. If she hadn't been last week's winner she certainly would have got it for this stand out dress.

Over and out for now,
F x

Oh... One last thing! Surely I can't be alone in thinking that Cat Deeley is slowly morphing into Jennifer Aniston. Anybody agree?

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