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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Disney Take on Vogue

I love it when someone takes the concept of Vogue and gives it their own spin and this idea takes Disney Couture to another level! Artist Dante has taken the infamous Vogue cover format and illustrated them with our favourite Disney Princesses as cover girls.

I have narrowed down my favourite three from the collection of eight. I tried to do it based on the illustrations but there is no doubt that my decision has been influenced by the films!

Photo source here

Photo source here

I adore the Belle and Jasmine covers, but the winner for me has to be the Snow White cover. Snow White is the Princess that has remained the most true to her character on the cover, but is owning it as if she has been through every cycle of America's Next Top Model! 

Photo source here

Here is the full collection: 

Photo source here
Would you buy a Disney Vogue, or would you rather stick to flesh and bone models?
F x

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